Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The internet has drastically changed the behavior of customers over a period of time and businesses in this day and age need to cater to the changing customer behavior to be relevant.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is popularly called is a process by which your business can become relevant to the information needs of future prospects as well as existing customers. The queries typed in the search engine query box indicates intent of the searcher and SEO helps in ranking a business for the queries which are relevant to their line of business. This brings in quality traffic to the business website which has a high potential to become a customer down the road.

SEO listings are essentially free and there is no ongoing spend on advertising. Once a business starts ranking for the relevant terms, high quality search traffic is consistent. Being present for high intent search queries at the top ranks in prominent search engines like Google helps build trust and credibility for a brand which helps bring in recurring business.

Google utilizes 200+ factors to rank a webpage for a user query. Over a period of time, Google has introduced algorithm changes which has changed the world of SEO. It is absolutely essential for the brands to keep up with the changes to compete effectively. Content marketing has gained a lot of momentum for its ability to meet searcher’s intent and get attention of potential customers.

A digital marketing partner like Acquirist can help with directing the SEO efforts for your brand most effectively to ensure desirable results. We are a bunch of experience professionals who have spent considerable time in this field and brought results for the largest Fortune 500 brands to prominent startups. We actually believe in holistic search which is wielding the power of both SEO and Paid Search Advertising (PPC/AdWords) side by side for maximum business impact. It is one of the best investments that a brand or business can make in today’s changing world.

At Acquirist, we take a data driven approach to analyzing the landscape and measuring the impact of the changes done. One of the advantages of digital marketing as compared to traditional advertising is the level of detail at which data can be reported and we constantly endeavor to stay at the forefront of this.

Summary of services provided within SEO:


    • Website Audit and Technical Fixes
    • Google Search Console Setup
    • Site Architecture and Navigation Design
    • User Experience Recommendations
    • Competition Monitoring and Insights
    • Keyword Research & Strategy
    • Keyword Prioritization
    • On Page Optimization
    • Content Development & Marketing
    • Structured Data Markup Recommendations
    • Link Profile Management & Outreach
    • Local SEO
    • Mobile SEO
    • Video Optimization
    • Monthly Performance Reporting

Benefits at a glance

    • Experienced SEO professionals
    • Data Driven approach to SEO
    • Delivered results from Fortune 500 brands to startups
    • Across Different Industries