Conversion Rate Optimization


Your site is getting a lot of traffic but visitors are not carrying out the actions which are important to grow your business?

Such a site requires conversion rate optimization to ensure that it is making the most efficient use of the traffic that is coming on to it. CRO helps in increasing the percentage of website visitors who ultimately convert.

A website is one of the key assets for any brand in this digital age which is responsible for bringing new business and ensuring growth. Conversion Rate Optimization is a combination of both art and science. It is a process by which the site becomes more relevant to the needs of the visitors. It helps increase customer trust using a combination of techniques. The conversion boost is also achieved by reviewing the current call to action placements on the site and making it more effective thereby inducing visitors to take action or convert at an improved rate.

Our process is to first understand the business, customer behavior and the competitor landscape. We then map out the journeys that the customer and other visitors are taking through the website. This gives us insights into which pages of the site would need conversion optimization from a prioritization perspective. We then take an in depth look at the customer behavior on these prioritized pages as well the role the page plays in the overall conversion journey and create experiments which need to be tested for performance. These experiments can range from reducing number of call to actions on the page to ensuring that the messaging is relevant and distraction free. Different techniques such as A/B testing and Multivariate testing are then deployed through appropriate tools to test out the hypotheses by diverting a percentage of your traffic to the experiment and making live the final changes that would positively impact your site conversion rate in the long run.

Conversion Rate Optimization when combined with Search Engine Optimization and Paid Online Advertising can help bring incremental results for a brand as a website would get more traffic which would also convert at a higher rate leading to holistic digital marketing optimization.

Benefits at a glance

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